Miyu's Room 2022 photo uploaded.
・ AKRON WTA Guadalajara  Instagram video
Miyu's Room 2022 photo uploaded.
・ AKRON WTA Guadalajara  Instagram video
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It was a runner-up 🥈
I'm sorry, thank you for your support.
Next is Florida.
Le Parady image character inauguration
Le Parady Tennis & Golf Otori

■ Name Miyu Kato Professional miracle lesson

■ Date and time August 9, 2020 (Sun) 13: 00 ~ 16: 16

■ Venue Le Paradis, Tennis & Golf Otori Tennis Arena

No Audience Tennis Tournament  BEAT COVID-19 OPEN  win!

Beat covid-19 won the championship! 🏆
Thank you for supporting us for 3 days!
Thank you to everyone involved in the tournament ✨
I was able to play with peace of mind because of the thorough measures against infectious diseases.
Thank you to all the tennis fans for their support in crowdfunding!
I was nervous at the tournament after a long time, but I was confident that I could win 6 times! Thank you for your support once the tour starts!

スクリーンショット 2020-06-09 18.00.49.png
An unattended tennis tournament will be held! Recruitment of special supporters for a new tournament made up of players and fans!

We planned a singles tournament in which top domestic professionals made by players and all tennis fans participate. The amount of money that was supported was the operating expenses of the tournament, the prize money for the players, and the amount exceeding that was canceled due to the holding of the alternative game of the junior national tournament and the cancellation of the tour, the income decreased. Donate to players and coaches.

In addition, this tournament will take measures against infectious diseases with the support of experts. I hope that this method itself will be disseminated to the tennis world as the standard for future tournament management.

We hope that many people will support us by empathizing with our desire to develop our own industry.


Miyu Kato Town Tennis Event
Saturday, June 28, 2020

Town Tennis Oizumi Gakuen

Participation qualification is only for Town Tennis School students.

Applications can only be made by email. Reception starts from 15:00 on 6/7 (Sun)

Please note that we cannot accept calls by phone.


TOP Professional Tennis Clinic in Tomioka

June 21, 2020 (Sun)
Venue will Sports Garden Tomioka

Lessons and rally meetings with professionals, such as exhibition matches.


will sports garden Tomioka
(072) 237-0054


Currently, the sports competition has been canceled due to Corona, but to promote junior sports in Kyoto City, when it is resumed at a later date, I will do my best to aim for the first place in all competitions for boys and girls in Kyoto. I donated ¥ 1.111.111 yen because I wanted it to be useful.

I can't do big things like Federer and Djokovic, the top tennis players, but I wanted to give back to my hometown what I can do now for the future of junior players in all sports, including tennis in Kyoto. ..

And on May 7, we were able to successfully complete the delivery ceremony to the Mayor of Kyoto, Kadokawa.
I have told you that I would like to help you as much as possible to promote junior sports after the end of Corona.